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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems or CMS available free on the internet. Based on PHP & MySQL, this CMS currently powers around one-third of all the web sites, and it is especially popular because of its user-friendly features and technologies – all of which are so easy to manage! It is probably these key features that have made WordPress one of the strongest, versatile, and most successful CMSs since its release on May 27, 2003.

Advantages of using WordPress

Now, the good question is, why would you opt for making a website through WordPress? The reasons are many, and each one supervenes upon the other. The foremost reason is that, it’s not only Free, but also highly secure; and to make sure it continues to be, WordPress keeps updating itself to keep hackers and viruses at bay.

Secondly, the very framework of the entire system is extremely search-engine-friendly and makes it easy for top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to crawl at ease, thus making the chances of your site to rank in the first page of these search sites.

Be it a secure online payment method or a virtual mailing system, WP can integrate it all implementing a few of its highly powerful platforms to support your business through that extra boost. MailChimp or Aweber for mailing systems, Shopp or WooCommerce for eCommerce solutions, and Payza or 2Checkout for online payments are only to name a few of the many, many available options!

Also, being a popular and much-demanded CMS, WordPress is highly flexible. Whether you are up for an eCommerce site or a blog page, it wouldn’t fail to work with the same versatility everywhere. Apart from that, its plugin or addon architecture enables you to add specific features so that you can easily build your website according to your own customized way, whereas its template system makes it much easier for designers and developers to publish a site by automatically generating custom web pages like search results, results of a game, calculating horoscopes, and so on.

Again, WP supports all types of multimedia files, including those of images, videos, audios, and can make your site even more interactive and attractive unlike many other CMS that often fail to support some file formats, leading to broken images or videos after the site is published, and eventually making the site annoying to visitors. Plus, the entire framework is mobile-friendly, which is one of the most important features in the present-day world since the present generation of web users is mobile-savvy, and the maximum hits/traffic in a website mostly comes through smartphones and tablets.

Another plus point of the CMS is that, apart from being user-friendly, it is also an open source, and you wouldn’t need to hire experts – neither developers, nor designers – to publish or maintain your web pages, and can do it pretty much yourself. Wonder, how much money you can thus save, still keeping your site up-to-date.

Additionally, you can easily schedule your future posts and get them published to keep your site running, while you are still out holidaying, or have come to know that you get the maximum traffic from the other part of the world during the late hours at your end. Not just that, you can also choose multiple managers – including Super Admins, Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors, and so on – to whom you can give access to work for you at your absence!

WP is getting better and better each day, and there are still so many features that we probably couldn’t discuss at one go, or just skipped out, and for which, you need to experience it by being a part of this amazing content management system, yourself.

eCommerce in WordPress

If you are up for building your own online store, then eCommerce plugin is what you are looking for in WP. However, choosing the most suitable plugin is what the priority is, since it’s only the right one that can promote your site, enhance your e-business, and bring in $$$ in a bigger, better way.

Now, the thing is, with so many e-commerce plugins being available, it feels quite confusing when it comes to choosing the correct one, based on your type of business. There are several factors to keep in mind since some plugins are well-suited for those willing to ship and sell physical items like books, furniture, or cosmetics, while the others for those doing business with nontangible items like ebooks, movies, and so on.

On the other hand, you must also consider important factors like accepting payments through secure gateways, what support system the plugin is offering in case of any help you need, what is the best WordPress hosting for you depending on your budget (e.g., if you are on a limited budget, you might want to opt for hosts like Bluehost, whereas, if budget is not an issue for you, you can go for hosts like WPEngine for best performance.

Finally, once you decide a domain name for your site, you are done with it all! FYI: a few of the best, latest and most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins right at the moment are undoubtedly the plugins like WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads, Shopify, MemberPress, and Shopp.

Misconceptions for WordPress

There have been several common myths and misconceptions surrounding this versatile content management system especially because of misinformation, which leads to further confusions among users and eventually choosing the wrong platform.

For example, many people have the notion that WP is only a blogging tool or do not support important sites like those of eCommerce, etc. However, the fact is just the opposite. It is an extremely powerful website builder including corporate and eCommerce sites, online stores, eMagazines, and so on, and has extensively been used in building school and university websites, government sites, and innumerable Fortune 500 companies.

Again, many people presume that WP is not much secure, or its future is not certain, especially because it is free, and an open-source software. However, as discussed earlier, there are hundreds of thousands of small to large companies that have their sites built using this software, which, in turn, was powered by a community of professional developers as a protected trademark of the WordPress Foundation.

Hence, another notion arising therefrom that, WP offers very limited support, in the long run, is also a myth. There are not just thousands of WP communities across the WWW, but also tutorials, guides, the WPBeginner Blog, WP Dictionary, Videos, the WP Blueprint for tools, plugins, and services… and the list is really long!

How simply syntax can help you in having a website by using WordPress

Considering the above factors and developing a clear understanding of the subject, we here at Simply Syntax have mastered the technology, as also the perfect art, of building simple to intricate websites using WP.

Being said that, we are sure we could throw some light not merely about the CMS in general, but also could give an idea as to how, and why, we have taken the vow to deliver our WP clients the best, and offering them the best possible ways to earn $$$. Our endeavor is not just to convince them to work with us, but also make them believe In Us in all possible ways in the years to come. 

Should you have further queries, or interested to know how we can help you in a bigger, better way like never before by building the most versatile and lucrative site for you through WordPress, please feel free to connect to us, and we will be more than happy to guide you.

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